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Kayla BaudreeKayla Baudree - Our 2019 winner, student at Salem Academy Christian School, takes a demanding course load of honor and college classes and is looking forward to graduation in 2020. Kayla’s goal is to become a math teacher, so she is taking advanced math classes. Kayla was inducted into the National Honors Society last year. She also held a position as a class representative for two years to help give her class a stronger voice. In preparation for a future position a worship coordinator, she is in choir. She is so dedicated, that when a class schedule conflict left her unable to take choir, she arranged to learn all the music through independent study so that she could still be part of the choral group.  The Salem Community Chorus is pleased to award the Kayla Baudree the Riesland Vocal Instruction Memorial Scholarship for 2019 ! A good candidate for both academic and music scholarships in being active in several school and community activities including Choir, has achieved several honors.